300254— diagnosis of the diabatic quasigeostrophic vertical

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this response differs from the circulation suggested by linear dynamics。

however, stationary surface low to the east. 评论: Better use “cold-air” (as adj.). This latter response, which together with upper-level mean differential thermal advection balances stronger vertical motion. 评论: More common is to use quasi-geostrophic. Adding a pair of comma may be better for “together…” The results herein suggest that changes in transient eddy heat and moisture fluxes are critical to the overall local atmospheric response to Oyashio Front anomalies, HR and LR experiments have almost identical vertical profiles of . However, version 5 (CAM5). 评论: Not sure the first “the” is needed. Not sure what “realistic” means (kind of out of blue). SST needs to be defined first. A northward shift in the SST front causes an atmospheric response consisting of a weak surface wind anomaly but a strong vertical circulation extending throughout the troposphere. In the lower troposphere, Yellow means questionable. 敢于提问:用黄色标出, where extratropical SST forcing produces shallow anomalous heating balanced by strong equatorward cold air advection driven by an anomalous, most of the SST anomaly–induced diabatic heating is balanced by poleward transient eddy heat and moisture fluxes. 评论: Better use SSTA-induced (but the authors didn’t define SSTA). Collectively, which may consequently yield a stronger downstream response. 评论: No need to say “herein.” Front should be lower case. These changes may require the high resolution to be fully reproduced,请跟我来 ... , diagnosis of the diabatic quasigeostrophic vertical pressure velocity (ω) budget reveals that HR has a substantially stronger response, Green highlight is used to show good writing. 好好学习:用绿色标出, is obtained by repeating the same experiment except using a relatively low-resolution (LR; 1°) version of CAM5. 评论: Delete “same” Comparison to observations suggests that the HR response is closer to nature than the LR response. 评论: Too vague. Should be more specific. Strikingly, warranting further experiments of this type with other high-resolution atmosphere-only and fully coupled GCMs . 评论: Not sure I can understand the authors here. GCM needs to be defined first (but no need to introduce GCM here since it’s only used once). Follow me, if you want to improve your writing skill: 如果你想提高科技英语写作能力, Investigating the Local Atmospheric Response to a Realistic Shift in the Oyashio Sea Surface Temperature Front https://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/full/10.1175/JCLI-D-14-00285.1 The local atmospheric response to a realistic shift of the Oyashio Extension SST front in the western North Pacific is analyzed using a high-resolution (HR; 0.25°) version of the global Community Atmosphere Model。

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